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My Heroic Husband

Liu Guan Lin, Wang Zhi Xuan, Yue Yang, Dai Xiang Yu

Zhao Qi Chen

Su Wen Xing aspires to take over the family's textile shop, but loses the control to his cousin. To prove himself, he sets out on a journey to find his own success but faces repeated setbacks. In despair, he reconnects with an old classmate who collaborates with him on a business venture, resulting in a series of amusing and chaotic escapades.

White Haired Witch

Huang Yi, Shi Jun Zhe

Wu Ying Xiang

In late Ming dynasty, conflicts arise between the Justice Cult and the Demon Cult. The White Haired Witch is entangled in a conspiracy amidst the battle of the martial arts world. As Imperial guard Chang An investigates on her, he falls for the White Haired Witch. Finally, Chang An uncovers the true leader of the Demon Cult, thus clearing her name.

Must Watch

The First Myth Clash of Gods

Infernal Storm

Ji Gong

The Tai Chi Master


Mohist Mechanism

Liu Lin Cheng, Liu Jing Yi

Dai Yi Lin

Shen Tuo, a descendant of Mohist Mechanism, is invited by the prison chief to find a magnet in the prison basement with a team of six. However, there is a rumour that no one can leave the basement alive. Determined to save his wife and free the prisoners, Shen embarks on a dangerous journey through the city's labyrinth of mechanism.

Strange Door and Dark Blade

Liu Yong Xi, Qi Sheng Han, Zhao Ran, Zhang Chun Zhong

Huo Sui Qiang

Agent Tang is trained by the secret society to work undercover in the imperial government. Tang wants to quit for a peaceful life with her husband but is forced to kill the Imperial Prince when the society holds her husband hostage. Tang resolves to break free and joins forces with the Imperial Prince to destroy the society and restore peace.

Lamb Game

Lynn Xiong, Mark Cheng

Huang Yi

During her wedding in 1996, Xue Li is taken hostage by gangsters and saw her husband being killed. One night in a typhoon, Xue Li is forced to stay at her workplace in a building, where she witnesses another murder by the same group of gangsters. As she tries to escape, she meets a blind old man and they must fight for survival together.

Crazy Beggar SuQiEr

Peng Yu Si, Xia Mo

Chen Ju Li

Top martial artist Su Can lost his memory in a battle with the opium seller, Tian Men Cult. He becomes a beggar and is taken in by a mother and her daughter. The daughter is caught by the cult when she accidentally discovers the opium. Beggar Su joins the court to save the girl and destroy the cult, so as to stop the opium's harm on people.

The Ghost Story: Love Redemption

Zhang Ya Qi, Zhang Zi Xuan

Francis Nam

Pu Song Ling accidentally releases the Black Mountain Demon during his writing. A goddess fights the demon but her body is destroyed, leaving behind her spirit. She borrows the body of Pu's wife to continue the fight but they get trapped by the Black Mountain Demon. To save his wife, Pu must touch another three demons' heart.

The Vengeance

Yu Li, Li Si Yang

Liu Chun

A bride named Ru is the sole survivor of her family's massacre, and is rescued by a masked man. A year later, she learns from the newsmonger Bao that the massacre was orchestrated by a bandit who wants to avenges his father's death caused by Ru's father. With the help of Bao, Ru vanquishes the lackeys of the bandit and seeks her own vengeance.

The Thousand Faces of Fei Jia

He Qi Wei, Hu Xue Er

Yao Xue

A young man Wang Xiao Xia resides in a small town with his blind father. His only desire is to cure his father's eye disease. One day, he encounters Shen Nan Er by chance and gets embroiled in a conspiracy. In his quest to heal his father's eyes, he goes to the Qi Yin Sect and finally unveils his hidden identity, which was concealed by his father.

Westbound Inn

Ren Yu, Ma Xi Er

Da Mao

Seeking a tranquil existence, anti-Japanese patriot Zhui operates an inn on the outskirts of town. The daughter of his foe flees to his inn one day with a treasure box containing the secret to fight the Japanese bandits. Though Zhui can easily kill her, he sets aside his hatred aside to help Bai fight back and deliver the secret box safely.

Legend of Detective Dee

Li Sheng Rong

Yin Yue

Empress Wu and her officials patrol the Grand Canal one night. As the crowd rushes to see her in person, a dragon monster appears and hits on the vessel. This is believed to be an ominous sign. Empress Wu is angry and asks Detective Di to investigate the case. Detective Di uses his investigative mind to unravel the truth and find the culprit.

Dangerous Pursuit

Li Fei, Yuan Bai Zi Hui

Xu Ming Wen

Agula, a friend and coworker of Narcotic agent Yan, is killed by the drug dealer Chi Na. While Yan takes care of Agula's family, he encounters Chi Na who wants to flee the country with the help of Agula's father.

The Board Beauty

Xu Mu Zi

Dai Xi Fan

Emperor Qi kills his brother and seizes the throne, causing chaos in the country. When a convoy escorts the treasure map to help the former prince regain his position, Emperor Qi assigns Kun Lun Cult master to eliminate the rebels and seize the map, causing great danger to the convoy and martial artists along the way.

The Mystic Nine: Qing Shan Hai Tang

Dong Hao Ran, Zhu Zan Jin

Wang Kai

When the mysterious descendant of the Zhang family, Zhang Qi Shan, encounters the martial arts expert Er Yue Hong in Changsha, the two young heroes become acquainted and team up to confront the ruthless warlord Zuo Qian Zhi. They also uncover the truth behind the rumoured "monster", and protect the safety of the people of Changsha together.

Double-faced Fox

Wen Zhuo, Jin You Mei, Wen Meng Yang

Wen Zhuo

Demon cult prevails in the Yun Sheng dynasty. The Emperor arranges the princess to marry General Bai Yi before he dies, but the princess wants to end her engagement. When the princess eventually falls for Bai, she is kidnapped by the demon cult and Bai is killed in a fight while trying to save her. Will the couple be separated forever?

Crazy Old Father

Yang Yi, Pan Chang Jiang, Fang Yuan

Cao Hua

Motivated by his father, a retired athlete helps the female soccer team to win the game and ease the plight of the school. This inspirational story showcases the effort by people to achieve a better life while working hard at relationships with family members, lovers, teachers and students.